Hello, world!

its me, Vincent

* due to recent harassment by players of Niantic Inc agmented reality game all videos and images will be shared through Jake Brooks.

Jake Brooks is a fictional character I have created. He is tall, plays Niantic's Ingress, and trademarks are pending.

Jake Brooks has a fictional name Jalopainyomama. In no way will this be used to play Niantic's augmented reality games, PokieMon Go or Ingress.


That would be cheating.

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Sharing the game came first. I had (still have?) friends on the blue team, and we were Ingress players together before we were enemies. But after a blue agent threatened me with police action over playing the game in public space, it kicked off a web of lies, accusations, bullying, threats, and violence by the Resistance that is still going strong.

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In the Beginning

Five agents, one green and four blue, descended upon CalTech one evening. VC, codename VincentClark had recently interrupted a Resistance weekly farm that agent AvidBrandy would later claim as interrupting his “Social Night.” Needless to say, VC would describe that same interruption as “fun” and “normal gameplay.”

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Tradgedy of NorthernRaven

VC thought of NorthernRaven, like QuantumRebel, as his friend. VC remembers fondly his bouts with NorthernRaven.

The two had the best time playing this virtual game.

Well into the AM they would take portals, banter, and taunt each other with dreams of a red faction. A faction of pure fun, like kickball where blue and green at the end of the day say, “good game”


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The Poison

Circa 2016 the tides changed. Terms like King and Queen Toads, the notion of opnents was replaced by Enemies.

At a local level this became war.

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X-Faction Bridge

DIEdoll was part of one of the first cross-faction bridges. Agent boogerlite was a part of this original group as were NorthernRaven, elCapitainNemo, DChazard, PookieJones, and VincentClark. It was a place to work out our differences, things like agents getting territorial about their social night, accusations of cheating, or a broken ankle.

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The Summer of 2018

Ostobeppo is out, he used multiple accounts to harass Vincent and Jen before admitting to it and getting comm banned Rellik42 stepped in, was more obvious about his threats of violence and tried to intimidate by referencing jobs, family, etc LethaIB was the first of several shared or alternate accounts, VincentFart was one of them. A photo of ACE was upvoted ~40 times and the account deleted It looks like they’ve either lied to 40 agents or are using 40 fake accounts, because the same accounts are probably responsible for the temp ban

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